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2 discus questions (turbo start, bouncing wing)

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Hi there, since I started soaring in real life, I purchased the discus package to practise and simulate some lessons.
I really like the discus, and in combination with Cumulus X! and Winch X! It gets very reallistic.
I only have two problems:

*When I startup some of the discus gliders, I get a wing bouncing on the ground untill the wing is lifted for the winch launch. I have no idea why it does this, but find this very annoying, because it causes the plane to turn, which is very annoying. Some of these gliders don't have this bouncing, but just have their wing laying on the ground, like it should be.

*I can't startup the engine from the ones with the turbo. Turning the self starters on is pretty easy: fuel on, extend engine, ignition on, push the startup button and there he goes! But I can't find that startup button on the turbo versions, so I can't start the engine.

I hope that someone could help me out with these problems!



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Hi Alan,

unfortunately this is a FSX bug. Please read the following topic regarding "bouncing". You need to find your own value there.

Regarding engine startup sequence, please read the manual. There should be a step by step description.

Best regards, Joachim

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