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G27 and City Bus Simulator Muenchen

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Hello. Me and a friend of mine is trying to get City Bus Simulator Muenchen to work with the G27, and it is like it dont register the wheel, even though it is registred in the options. Help anyone?

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first of all sorry for the late answer.

Here are some small instructions how to assign the wheel properly:

First of all update your wheels drivers to the latest version.

Next, when connecting the wheel to the computer make sure to remove all other input devices (such as gamepads, joysticks, etc.).

If you haven't done so already please download the "Logitech Gaming Software" (Profiler) and install it. Caution: Make sure to choose the right version (32bit or 64bit)!

In the Profiler make sure to remove the Option "Report combined Pedals" and allow the Option to let the game change the settings.

Your simulator should now "see" the wheel.

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