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Mathijs Kok

Great videos

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Our latest best friend Ramón Cutanda López already had these videos in Spanish but after we asked me done them again in English. And they are great, even I understand the more complex aspects now!

Highly recommended. Thanks Ramón!

PFPX - Part 1: Installation and setup ->
PFPX - Part 2: Basic planification ->
PFPX - Part 3: Advanced planning ->

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These videos are great..very easy to understand. Specially if you are new to the flight planning world, he covers it all!

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Hello Ramon,

Nice videos. Thanks.

the TRIP CORR FOR 5000 LB TOW INCR / DECR, is the fuel burn correction if you have a last minute change in the load or the fuel quantity, thus giving you a different TOW.

CLB: 250/330/82, DES: 82/330/250, is the speed profile : 250KT IAS until FL100, then 330KT IAS until the IAS/MACH FL changeover and finally M0.82 until your first Flight Level.


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