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CityBus Simulator Munich - constant black screen freezes

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Ok so for about a week now, whenever I try to play CityBus Simulator Munich it'll go to a black screen every 5-30 seconds and stay like it before going back to the game, and like I said at some times it may be as little as 5 seconds since the last time so I'm sure you can imagine how frustrating it is :(. Does anyone have a similar problem? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling both the game and my graphics drivers. I have a feeling it could be a problem with a recent update to the graphics drivers. But the game has always worked fine until now.

My specs:

GeForce GT 650M

Intel Core i5-3470S 2.90GHz

8.00 GB RAM

Windows 8.1


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Hi Lukkee,

first of all let me say I am very sorry I couldn't reply to your topic earlier.

We have had a technical issue and due to it I simply couldn't see your thread.

Now, do you still have your problem or did you sort it our meanwhile?

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