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Thessaloniki X City Configurator [v3.0] (if you have OOM issues)


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Yep, instead of oom's the fps are really good. Stable on 25/30 in all parts of scenery. And i have a mid end system. I hope this problem could be solved. I won't be able to fly to LGTS in this conditions

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I'm happy for you but sure is a mystery how different this scenery runs on different machines!

As for the lighting in FTXG I'm not sure honestly, need to do more testing but so far to me it doesn't seem to do any real difference. I've tried disabling the so called 'Vector road lights' and if my memory serves that didn't do anything to my VAS value.

One thing I'm considering (if I find the time and can force myself going all this way for a single addon scenery...) is to completely uninstall FTXG and see what happens to my VAS.

I do know FTXG is known for doing some "things" to FSX that not all other developers are too happy about since these things not always follow the FSX developing guidlines sort of speak with the result that some other addon developers won't be able to co-exist with FTXG after FTXG changed or even replaced default FSX stuff that some other addons might be dependent on. Some even went as far as saying Orbx's way of doing certain things are like they are trying to get a monopoly.

Edited to add in all fairness that Orbx responded they needed to do some of these things to be able to bring FSX to the "next level" sort of speak. Obviously you can look at these kind of things from different perspectives, risk stepping on a few toes to implement brand new features never been seen or possible before or stay friends with everyone but at the same time by doing so not being able to implement new technique.

Another "interesting" thing about this was that when FTXG was first released people soon discovered that there was no uninstaller included with the product and at first it almost looked like if you ever install FTXG then you're stuck with it. However some other developers then came out with how to get rid of FTXG should you want to without having to perform a complete reinstall of FSX and after some additional time also an "official" uninstaller was released by Orbx. Still though these kind of things do smell a bit bad to me...

Sorry for sliding away again from the topic!

Sure is an interesting hobby this, we don't need any drama on TV since we get everything we need in here ;)

Hi Richard,

another post to try help I hope . I've just bought this scenery and I also bought Fly Tampa's Athens . Installed them last night and did a flight from LGAV to LGTS. VAS was around 2.5 at LGAV maxing at around 3 after landing at LGTS.

This was with the NXG. I have FTXG installed , was using ASN for weather and MYtrafficX for AI. I also use REX Essentials plus for textures.

I'll give you my settings, hopefully it may assist in your troubleshooting .

I had LGTS set to lite II after reading this and other threads however may now experiment with default and lite 1, Scenery seemed excellent though at the lite II setting from what I could see from the flight deck on my NGX.

My computer specs are: intel core I5 with a mild o/c to 4000MHz, 8gb Ram paired with a fairly old graphics card, a GeForce GTX460 with 770MB memory using 331.58 drivers and I run win 7 64bit as my operating system.

FSX is running with the acceleration pack and I am running DX10 with Steves DX10 tool.

Only tweaks in FSX.cfg are highmemfix and widescreen

Relevant ASN settings include:

Download interval=5 mins

max cloud layers = 6

Minimum and Maximum cloud draw distance = 60

enhance overcast conditions enabled

haze layer disabled

min surface vis 0miles

max surface vis 40miles

max upper vis 60miles

auto adjust upper vis

relevant fsx settings:

Graphics tab:

target frame rate locked at 20

resolution: 1280x720x32

anisotropic filtering and anti aliasing ticked

global texture resolution: very high

advance animation ticked

Aircraft tab:

3d cockpit selected

cockpit tooltips ticked

high res 3d cockpit ticked

Scenery tab:

Level of detail radius : medium

mesh complexity : 100

Mesh resolution: 5m

texture resolution: 7cm

water effects:mid 2.x

land detail textures ticked

scenery complexity : very dense

autogen density:notmal

special effects detail:high

weather tab:

cloud draw distance 60mi

detailed clouds

density maximum

Traffic tab:

airline :15%

ga: 10%

airport veh :none

road veh :none

ships: 15%

boats 14%

Rex essential settings:

3d clouds 512x512 (find them just as realistic if not more than 1024X1024)

cirrus clous: 512x512


wave animation dxt1

currently using the "reality" theme in REX

I also use fs2crew ngx button control version whenever im flying the NGX

never really looked at FPS settings during the flight but flight seemed v smooth from take off to touchdown and I also used default ATC for the flight.

I have lots of other pay-ware scenery and add-ons such as the ultimate terrain series and some FTX regions but the only add-on scenery for this region is as I mentioned earlier and all my scenery is active (I may look at the scenery config editor for enabling and disabling scenery, looks interesting)

I hope this helps you troubleshoot and get you up and running with this scenery.

If I've missed anything relevant out or you want to know more about my set up please ask.



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Guys, it has became very apparent that OOM issues, though possible in heavy environments, are not anymore specifically related to LGTS. It has nothing to do with the way we developed it as some people suggested, or anything of that sort. As I will say again, it's a matter of polygons and textures when the user is inside the area of interest. That has been tested extensively and trimmed even further to allow significant amount of free VAS in the latest patches.

Another 'symptom' of bad or 'problematic' development is judged by the footprint that is left after you leave the scenery area. And to that end, our footprint is nill.

Having been following the thread, I see no consistent evidence of anyone (except 2-3 users) having such issues with the scenery. I have reminded myself how to be a FS pilot again, after a loong time, just to test the scenery with ASN, FTXG, and FTXG vector, NGX, REX, UT2, etc..none of those problems ever arose during my own as well as the previous testing pre-release.

Even if one of you has problems, I will pay attention to it, what I m trying to say is that this is not anymore an issue with this particular scenery.

The matter has been beaten to death by now, so is this topic drifting off course. Please open additional threads for the matter of OOMs, as there is nothing else to be 'solved' in LGTS.

Topic closed.

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