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GlobatATC auf Version 1.1.05 aktualisiert

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Die Software Global ATC wurde auf Version 1.1.05 aktualisiert.

Die Vollversion ist für Kunden der Vorversionen über den Downloadshop Account verfügbar.

- 1.1.05 Fixes and Tweaks
Fixed runway aligment (for example at FAOR) causing aircraft to land next to the runway.
Fixed SID problem causing aircraft to go in holding (for example at LZIB).
Fixed departure problem at KLAX.
Fixed problem with aircraft descending below ground (for example at EDDH).
Fixed Multiplayer.
Fixed buttons obscuring hand-off list.
Fixed VS typo in E170.xml Added SID/STAR indication in aircraft tab Added Expedite button.
Changed message when ending session.
Changed vectors show true heading now and their length is based on GS not IAS.
Changed when unable to show procedure info will pop up on the button (Only procedures available on the procedures list can be toggled with this button).
Changed Unusable buttons are now hidden.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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