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My Gate software

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There has to be a 'comma after <Prefix> like this <Prefix>, or a carriage return [enter]/[LR] .......I think!!!

Otherwise you will end up will the list in one long row which we have seen will not work

It should create one line for each aircraft+registration. I´m using "\n" to create a new line and it works on my computer but not on your. I´ll try to post tomorrow a new version using another way to do a carriage return. I´ll post in this topic when it´s done.



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Well Done

Beechcraft B60 Duke,G-ALJH
Boeing 757-200 PW2037,G-BIKK
Boeing 737-700 CFM56-7B22,G-CICL
Super King Air 200,G-GFHE
Bombardier DHC8-Q402,G-GGLO
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 CF6-80C2D1F,G-HRQP
Boeing 737-900ERW CFM56-7B26-7B27,G-PLOY
Cessna 172R,G-POTY
Boeing 737-800 CFM56-7B26,G-TAWD
Boeing 777-232LR GE90-110_115,G-TULL
Boeing 777-232LR GE90-110_115,G-VIIJ
Boeing 777-232LR GE90-110_115,G-VIIK
Bombardier DHC8-Q402,G-WAKT
Boeing 737-600 CFM56-7B22,G-WPPA
Airbus A320-214 CFM56-5B4,G-WQOP
Many Thanks
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What file are you writing to in FsCaptain?


What file are you writing to in FsCaptain?

You need to have a company in FSCaptain with the same name that in My Gate. For example, if you have "Clive Airlines" in My Gate, you need to have "Clive Airlines" in FSCaptain too. In that case, My Gate write the flights in the "Clive Airlines_schedule.txt". Is always the "Name of company" + "_schedule.txt".

P.S. I´ll made the possibility to choose to which FSCaptain company to send the flights and automatically make a backup of original schedule.

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I already have a company in FSC called 'Fedex' and I have the schedule file called fedex_Schedule.txt

How do I get flight plans from PFPX to FSC as in this example


Not flight plans, just the schedule. You need to have or create a Fedex company on PFPX too and select it in My Gate to send to your Fedex in FSCaptain (Options->PFPX Schedule->FSCaptain button.).
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Clive, please try to import your planes again please? (File -> Add Aircraft -> PFPX button) and see if it works. To send your flights to FSCaptain go to (Options -> PFPX Schedule -> FSCaptain) check the checkbox to send all flights (will erease the existents, make a backup) or keep unchecked to send only the selected on gridview or showed in form) and please, could you run that software of Flight1 to fix the registry of FSX? That´s the link: FSX/FS9 Registry Repair Tool (36KB).

Thank you very much for your help. Pleas don´t stop to show me the bugs.

Fred Matias

Hello Fred

I tried this approach using the registry repair tool as above which had no effect. On my system which is Windows 7 x64 my registry path is as follows:

HK local Machine




Microsoft games

Flight Simulator


Setup Path=F:\FSX

Any thoughts?


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