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New Airbus Coming!


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As this is not our product let me close this topic after a few loose comments.

We are convinced that FSL will produce a more comprehensive Airbus with most likely a lot more systems simulated. But we expect this to come at a price that is significantly higher then the 23.80 Euro paid by the average customer of the Airbus A320/321 Extended we produced. It's without doubt that Leftaris aims at a different kind of simulation. I predict it will be far more a systems simulation while we clearly intended to make an immersive simulation of the work of the pilot flying the aircraft.

As such we do not really see it as a direct competition and are looking for to it's release! And of course we are not sitting still. Last week we had the first look at the weather radar that's being done and it is pretty special. And it does work with ANY weather engine that adapts the standard FSX weather (as 99% of the add-ons do).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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