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What is Aerosoft Sky Tools Free?

Mathijs Kok

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They work the same as default X-Plane, it's just a difference in colors, shapes etc that allow you to tweak the sky to a more appropriate look for the condition you are in.

I'll see if we can produce some images, but these comparisons are always hard in images. It needs the living sim to be really visible.

Where and how do i download?

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I found in Aerosoft's SkyTools a product which has relaxed my frustrations on not finding a convincing skies and clouds addon for X-Plane-10. With SkyTools, my perceptions of simflights had improved in such a degree, that I have thought it was the perfect tool (X-Plane plus SkyTools). But, unfortunately, the newest versions (10.30 and +) of X-Plane are not compatible with shaders of SkyTools; so I have searched for other addons, and purchased one whose quality of results, thoug acceptably better than the X-P's own, has nothing to do with the clouds and skies of SkyTools (It is implied this are only my tastes and opinions).

So, a for fee version of SkyTols compatible with the latest versions of X-Plane, would make accelerate their putting into market?.

I would appreciate it a lot.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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