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ATR-72 500 autopilot


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Hi guys, need some help. Recently purchased the atr and whilst she flies beautifully, my inexperience is a real buzz killer. My issue lies with the autopliot. If I want to fly from one location to another, the method I have been trying is this:

  1. Enter flight plan
  2. Load flight plan in the fmc
  3. I enter my desired ILS into the nav 1
  4. Set autopilot(altitude/vs)
  5. Takeoff
  6. Turn autopilot to on which then has the 2 arrows as confirmation
  7. I then select nav. This is my issue, I cannot lock onto my desired route.

Does anybody know what I am doing wrong? I have misplaced the manual and had to download one in pdf fromat which is useless, it doesn't give many instructions on how to fly the plane, it just seems to point out all the buttons in cockpit. Any help would be great as I am pulling my hair out. Thanks guys

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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