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Need help for B21 winflex animation on a new LS10 glider


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I'm working on a new Glider projet !


A Rolladen-Schneider Ls-10-S Glider.

Its not my first models and Missions I do for FSX.

Whit the help of Airwrench and other program My Rolladen-Schneider Ls-10-S Glider Gmax model and Air files is well advanced,

Cockpit and fuselage and texture will be made whit reflective and bump dx10 texture.

I need some help to get the b21_flex_control_v4 implemented to my Gmax model (like the LS8 model).

Its the firs time I'm working whit Wing flex animation.

I know that I have to do some bone and Skin animation in Gmax (I think I can do this whit out to mush trouble if somebody can help me a bit) but the principal problem is the name convention of the part in Gmax and also how to exactly animate this in gmax.

If somebody can help me on this It will be very appreciate,

And when the projet will be finish I will send it to Wolf gang Peter website.

Thank you.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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