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Daten für PMDG 747-8i und -8f


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Zitat PMDG:

"*Note: This product is a visual model extension that uses the underlying PMDG 747-400X simulation for the flight, cockpit and systems models. This product is not intended to simulate the difference in flight characteristics between the 747-400 and the 747-8. This product allows the user to add a high fidelity visual model of the 747-8 to their Flight Simulator X experience. "

Da ich die Erweiterung selber nicht habe, kann ich mich nur auf die Aussagen von PMDG verlassen...

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sorry it will be in English my german is really too rusty ...

there is only a few operators on the 748I and F and Boeing changed the way they re producing the perfs datas so no more FPPM and BPS 2.0. it s a shame for the 787 too ...

so if you have any contacts at your flag carrier that is the time to use them.

wish you good luck on that very hard task.

all the best.


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