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No more checklists after descent preparation

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I have AXE 1.15 installed in Prepar3D, running Windows 7 64-bit.

I have been flying from EGLL to EHAM with the Airbus A320 IAE, starting off from a cold and dark state at a gate at EGLL.

I have been using checklists to facilitate the flight and all is well for takeoff, climb and descent but no further checklists are actioned automatically beyond descent itself (or indeed can be raised by other means). This requires me to set some procedures manually, e.g. flap settings, undercarriage but still flying managed speed and heading under the flightplan.

Furthermore, although selected in the right MCDU, I do not get the altitude callouts approaching the runway or near touchdown itself (no retard).

I have flown the tutorial before with a previous version of AXE and don't recall such problems.

Am I doing something wrong, or should the checklists continue beyond descent, with automatic selection of flap, gear etc. in the approach phase?

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so if I am right the problems start with the descent. First do you use the INFOBAR - this helps to see what is coming next or what has to be done. Another possibility is to have a look at the right MCDU - CHECKLIST to see if there is a message blinking or scroll (using the arrows buttons) to to see which checklist is active....... Please check and come back with a little bit more of information.....



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HI Hansa,

I decided to do a complete uninstall/reinstall of version 1.15 and update the installation with the latest hotfix 18c, together with the latest sound pack recently advertised on the Aerosoft forum, and all is well now.

The checklist continues beyond descent preparation and the altitude callouts are now sounded on the approach and landing.

It was either a corrupt installation or the hotfix has addressed the issues raised, but whichever is the case the problem is now resolved.

Thanks for responding to me, anyway.

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