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Your Screenshots (part 2)

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Here is a few pictures of My flight yesterday, it was Nice i had an option to try and see the crj since the beta testing some years ago, I was part of.

Even the pc it was testet by was not optimal. Think I would share My experince as it is some time since last post in here. Hope we Can get it back by some Nice pictures.


Merry Christmas and a happy New year to All. Here is a post card if you like:https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/136591-merry-christmas/


Sent from my Phone.


2017-12-23_14-36-27-173 (1).BMP



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From me also a few brand new pictures from the new 64-bit Airbus ...



Taxing for takeoff runway 24 in EDLW Dortmund




After takeoff - view on Phoenix See in Dortmund Hoerde



Successful landing in EDLW Dortmund after the first test flight




Hold short runway 28 in LSZH Zuerich (flight from Zuerich to Friedrichshafen)



Waiting for takeoff clearance in LSZH Zuerich on runway 28



Lake Contance region (Bavaria) - before landing on runway 06 in EDNY Friedrichshafen



It was a bit of a hard landing in Friedrichshafen, so a little tire check ... seem all okay B)

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