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Any FeelThere E145 pilots out there?

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I have a unique problem. Over the weekend I put together an E145XR AircraftType document for PFPX. I extracted the FSX performance data of the FeelThere E145XR.

My problem now is, that the profile seems to work, but I do not have enough time to do test flights to see how well the profile works (especially fuel burn, TOD and TOC calculation). Also the fact that E145 has manual throttle, should cause pilot specific fuel burn differences.

If you happen to fly the E145XR and have free time to spare, please let me know if this profile is worth fine tuning. (please also note, that I used the climb, cruise and descent speed I normally use. These are different to the initial default values, that the FMS has).


Embraer 145XR.txt

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