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ATR 72-500 Taxi Lights


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because of some questions (with our email-support-system) about the taxi lights, i will post here a little workaround.

In the ATR 72-500 are 2 taxi lights modelled, but only one taxi light ist lighting if the taxi light is on (Cockpit overhead panel).

This workaround is working with the ATR 72 V. 1.10 and the actual X-Plane 10 (at the time 10.22).

1. Close X-Plane 10

2. Open the Plane Maker. You will find the Program in the X-plane 10 main folder.

3. Open the ATR72.acf file. Menu "File" - "Open". You will find the acf file here:

X-Plane 10 Main Folder\Aircraft\Heavy Metal\ATR 72-500

It's a good idea to make a copy of the acf file before you begin and save it to another location.

So you can restore your acf file if something went wrong!

4. Than go to the menu "Standard" - "Viewpoint" - "Ext Lights".

5. At the bottom of the left window click "Add".

6. So you get a new entry at the bottom with all values zero.

7. Change all values and checkboxes... as you see in the following picture (red square). Please do it carefully and exactly.

8. Close the "Viewpoint" window (click on the left X).

9. Save the acf file: Menu "File" - "Save".

10. Close the Plane Maker ("File" - "Quit").


Before the change (one taxi light


After the change (two taxi lights)



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