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Bug Report: Route Editor

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I have found a bug in the route editor, which leads to the error message:

"Es wurde ein falsches Argument festgestellt" (which means: wrong argument detected)

This behaviour is perfectly reproducable. How to reproduce this behaviour:

1) Choose "Route Manager" => "Route editor..."

2) Enter some route. e.g.: EDDS to GCLA

3) Hit "Find" (choose any option you like to build a route)

4) Click "Save", enter a route name, and click again "Save" in the "Save Route" Window to finally save the route (the window will close and you will be again in the route editor window)

5) Click again on the SAVE button (in the route editor)

6) Now, delete ALL routes which are displayed from the route database (In this example it is only the route which we saved before in step 4)

7) When you delete the last listed route you will get the error message "Es wurde ein falsches Argument festgestellt" (which mean: wrong argument detected) and PFPX will crash.

Best regard,


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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