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Can you try setting the weather to "None" then turn to "online"

This worked for me on both weather and tracks; I set the option for both to "none", and then I closed the program. I immediately restarted PFPX and chose the online option for both weather and tracks. All works now.

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Tried the none and back to online thing. Did not work. Weather data is stuck at Aug 30, 06z. I was looking forward to an overnight flight playing with it, but not a big deal. It would be great if this get fixed for tomorrow at least because I still have to actually use it in an operational context as I have just played around with it so far :). I just discovered the browser had tabs for SigWX charts...

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Christian followed the switching to 'NONE' and then 'Online'. If you do it in this sequence it works but in the program options -> general tab section the license expiration error "Subscription expired Jan 1, 1970; 15948 days ago" remains.



1. First turn the Tracks to 'NONE' and then 'Online'

2. Second turn the Weather to 'None' and the 'Online'

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