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Problems with PFPX

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Hi all,

Not sure where to start, but here goes. I purchased PFPX direct through the Flightsimsoft website and downloaded fine, took a while to activate but I expected this on release day.

I then received a "mfc110.dlll" error code on instillation, and was advised by Christian who I must add has been very helpful in trying to sort out my problems, to check I had the latest graphics drivers installed. I found a Beta driver in the ATI website, I have a Radeon HD5770 graphics card, and duly installed this. This then gave me an error "Video card does not support 1024x1024 textures", with my screen being 1920x1080 I found this hard to believe. I contacted Christian and received a hotfix and low and behold I had a working PFPX.

The next morning I fired up the PFPX and set up my route, fine brilliant, then I fired up fsx and oh no, I had the two bars at the top and bottom in windowed mode and any windows that come up in the middle of the screen like "do you want to quit fsx". I had sound and could hear my aircraft ticking over on the runway, but the middle part of the screen was just black! After many hours tinkering I got fsx and PFPX to work at the same time but only if fsx was in DirectX preview mode, which doesn't work for me as I get all the texture flickering on the runways etc.

This morning day three I uninstalled PFPX reset my PC to a past restore point before pfpx was installed and found fsx all working fine as it used too, wonderful. I then downloaded pfpx from the Flightsimsoft website again and used that version for the next install, just in case I had a faulty download..........Now I am back to my original errors and not sure where to go from here. I have followed all the suggestions here on the Aerosoft forum to make sure I have everything else required like "vcreditx86.exe" and "vcreditx64.exe" but short of re installing my graphic beta driver again and having the same black screen I'm now at a loss.

I read here alot of wonderful comments about the pfpx and while I did have it working once, it was wonderful and very easy to use, but not much good if fsx won't then work!! I am beginning to wonder if it's just not suitable for my PC and therefore will never work. I have downloaded many aircraft, scenery and tools like Aivlasoft EFB, and REX over the years and have a very stable fsx setup, I forget when the last ctd was, and I have to be honest this has been the worst experience I have had to date. While I am happy to work with folks to sort out problems I wonder if this is a step too far and might be the first time I have to consider asking for a refund in the many years I have been using fsx happily.

Hoping someone can help,


David Phillips.

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