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Wrong Aerosoft Airbus Extended X Template

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Hi i'm trying to calc the correct TOW of the aircraft using PFPX and than i use the Airbus Extendend fuel planner to load the same fuel and passenger

I have set a regular normal flight only adult passengers with weight of 84 kgs like the Aerosoft XML latest update for fuelplanner than i manually add the baggage weight as PFPX value.

After this i have loaded the fuel predicted with PFPX but at the end i've found a different Taxyweight and Zerofuelweight with PFPX and the Airbus Fuel Planner

Than i've compared the XML file from Aerosoft with correct value of the aircraft and i noticed that the BOW from Aerosoft is 41243 KG and the one from PFPX with this plane is 37398 KG

Now my question is which is the correct one to use ? I've manually correct the PFPX template with the Aerosoft value and now the results for Taxyweight and Zerofuelweight are identical with both programs.

Is a bug or i'm doing something wrong ?

Thank you

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use the Aerosoft Airbus X A320 Template, I have no idea why there are two templates included...

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The first one has the correct weight ? Thank you very much :D

You make me happy :D the product is fantastic.

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