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Delay and CTOT on flight schedule screen

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I understand CTOT is the targeted takeoff slot (-5 to +10 min) and delays are...well delays. Can anyone elaborate on how these populate on the flight schedule screen?

-I scheduled a flight to leave KMDW to leave at 1500 local/2000 Zulu planning to fly this in "FS" time. This was done at 1648 local (I live near KMDW)/2148 Zulu and the delay was filled in as 18 minutes. This doesn't make much sense to me. If this simply compared to the release time to scheduled departure, then I should have had a delay of 0148, not 18 minutes (the dates match for real and FS plan). So what exactly is going on?

-I've never seen CTOT filled in. Since scheduled departure is off blocks time, shouldn't this default to scheduled departure + default taxi time?

I'm just not quite sure what the program is doing with these fields and the manual didn't explain much more than what these fields stand for (actually CTOT isn't mentioned at all that I could find).

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Could the delay have been the difference between the scheduled time enroute and the estimated time enroute? For example, I planned a flight that according to the schedule would take 10 hours and 35 minutes, but the estimated time enroute was 10 hours and 44 minutes. The delay was 9 minutes according to PFPX.

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