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cant fly this aircraft anymore


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Ref, Mcphat ATR 72-500

I dont know whats going on with this aircraft since the update?

i tried two flights today, both on line IVAO, the weather was heavy rain, i took off and ok up to aprox 3000 feet then mayhem. autopilot disconnect due to stall ( i was climbing at speed 140) then just would not speed up at all, throttle full MCT or TO still wont speed up gets to 120 knots then falls back down to 0. aircraft keeps decending but still speed slows????

im very disappointed .

I dont think i had this problem before update, but im not sure if its related to the update.

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I´m just guessing. But this sounds like simple icing. Did you try to deice the flight surfaces?

Greets, Chris

Hi Chris,

I never thought of that, yes i think you are right.

I did the flight yesterday dry conditions and no problem.


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Is it possible that during your previous flights, you had both CL on "Fuel SO" ? I think the default X-Plane command for this is the mixture (F5/F6).

Did you take a screen shot where you can read the fuel flow ?

Hi MD,

I think the problem was as chris said," ICE".

I never gave that a thought but it makes sense now as i did flight yesterday DRY weather and no probs..


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