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Aerosoft Airport: Brussels International (released)

Mathijs Kok

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Although I believe it's all Aviapartner now,no?

Nope, Swissport is still alive and kicking.

The only service that has "lost" its competition at BRU, is the catering agent. LSG bought GateGourmet, so the only catering provider at BRU right now, is LSG.

That will probably change in the near future, as an offer searching for new catering companies, has been made public.

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@jenstt: The AFCAD do already have the airline codes (if this are these AFD codes). If you want to see it check post #217 & post # 219 in this topic. I hope I did everything right. First time for GSX on my side :)

Yeah I saw those posts :) if you want I can do a quick testrun of it? Normally it detects any dynamic jetways there are and adjusts itself accordingly so as long as they got the standard ctrl+J shortcut they should be detected.

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Some previews of work.. as some may know I like to be precise and technical when it comes to updates, however, (soooooooo) much has changed to list! so here are 6 screenshots...


Okay just to name a few technical details about changes:

  • Reflective windows added to main terminal and all other buildings aside from Concourse A to allow for transparency (Still in progress but very fast!)
  • Perimeter fence added with red/white variation on the approaching ends of runway 02 and 07L
  • Jetways for Concourse B added
  • Main terminal has been completely re-modelled using 10 less textures
  • Apron lighting on Concourse A and B added
  • Gate/parking dirt added
  • Ambient occlusion added to ground around buildings
  • Alot of texture updates and night texture updates (Night texturing is pure guess/imagination work as I only have a no more than 5 ref images of current EBBR at night)

(Even more technical)

  • All buildings are now being re-exported and placed into a single Library BGL, this means every model will have it's own reference point instead of the entire scenery sharing one reference point, this is a performance increase and allows for easier/quicker editing
  • Runway lighting on all runways have been improved by adjusting the PAPI light locations to the more accurate location as to real world

(Things done that are not yet exported)

  • Jetairfly hangar has been modelled!
  • Connector model in progress! (Proving difficult, please don't expect and ultra accurate model of this as there is very very limited reference since it is a brand new building currently still being built in real world
  • Taxiway edge and centreline lighting, models are however in a library in the sim awaiting placement
  • Surrounding 3d road lights are making very good progress, not actually made by myself, however, I am not exaggerating when I say it looks epic!
  • 3D Grass is also being added by someone else, making good progress
    (For the curious people, I have other people doing repetitive tasks so it does not take up my time doing the main things so release is quicker)
  • Concourse A jetway bridges now have 3D window frames
  • Concourse A windows now have more (the horizontal) 3D window frames
  • Concourse A Poly count reduced
  • 3D Approach lighting models
  • Localizer Models
  • General airport clutter such as barriers, road signs etc are populating the airport

Okay, so I hope this update was helpful :)

Best Regards

D Seare

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So for all the people who want to be ready when the scenery is ready please find here a list with all available AI flightplans for EBBR. Simply download them and install them either via TTools or AIFP. For any suggestions and reports about this list I am really grateful! If you know any AI flightplan for the missing airlines please tell me so that I can correct the list. Please note that I may have used an older flightplan than available but on some newer flightplans the destination EBBR is missing.

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The airport ist just looking amazing! If you guys need some pictures of the airport you can always look at these facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/groups/312212972240501/?fref=nf --- https://www.facebook.com/groups/180274862165918/ --- https://www.facebook.com/groups/695051460515180/ --- And maybe this spotters guide, the airline list is not up to date but maybe it can be used :)http://www.flightlevel.be/spotting/brussels_airport_spotting_guide.php

The logo on the A-pier:


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A performance tool will be included so you can adjust the scenery for your PC.

The grass has had to be optimised for performance, while maintaining an acceptable look. It is an airport, not a grass simulator. :)

When in the cockpit, as you can see from the screenshots above, the grass looks very good imo

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