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Aerosoft Airport: Brussels International (for MFS)

Mathijs Kok

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23 minutes ago, Nicolas AUGUSTE said:

When I say it's will be released in 2022 Q1 or Q2 most people dislike my reply, I say again maybe in Q2 or 2023 

No offense buddy, but let the time go, and we'll see :)

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The attention to detail is unprecedented. One can expect the air side to get a lot of attention, but I never expected all that detail on and around the surrounding airport buildings.


On 11/28/2021 at 11:16 AM, Jo Erlend said:

Here's some screenshots from last week, with the way it's shaping up and unless a lot of things goes sideways testing should start for full next month.



I know that any scenery project is just a snapshot at a certain point in time so I'll just leave this info here and leave it up to you to decide what to do with it. ;) 


The DHL and Swissport signs are no longer on that building. DHL moved to the Brucargo side and Swissport Belgium went bankrupt in 2020. I took this photo last week after work.



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Oh, the busses look unnamed still. The official name of the busses is "De Lijn", meaning "The Stripe". 

It might be funny to call them "De Streep" (just a synonym of "Lijn") to avoid copyright infringement. Saw this in a Belgian comic book (Suske en Wiske) when I was young and I still remember it. 

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