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Aerosoft Airport: Brussels International (for MFS)

Mathijs Kok

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Smart decision! Can't wait for the release :)



New night shot, docking systems are in place, taxiway signs and wig-wag lights. you can see some dark edges on the grass, this is the 3d grass (in progress).

Next screenshots will show apron clutter etc

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I watched all the pictures in the topic, and this scenery is going to be awesome!

Two weeks ago I went on a one day spotter trip with my dad to BRX, we went up to the top of the P3 parking house.

The pictures here are really bringing back my memories.

Amazing work guys! :)

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So minute by minute the airport is getting populated with vehicles..

I've also been doing a lot of texture enhancements (not seen on this preview)

Sandervdb1, the new building which I assume you mean the connector, well not much has changed it's almost impossible, 80% of it is pure guess work, it will be done but nobody should expect a 1:1 model.


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Deffinately, they are not there yet (apart from default) as I am awaiting on AES, I don't want to place static clutter objects and vehicles that could be in the way of AES vehicles etc

So if you are going to wait for AES Vehicles im sure not to expect any moving vehicles using P3d... :mecry_s::mecry_s::mecry_s:

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Fantastic work so far, guys !
As I'm Brussels based, I'm really looking forward for this scenery. Looks like you made a masterpiece here.

Just one question off topic ; in your last screenshots, I can see in the far distance Brussels downtown buildings shape. Are these part of your future release, or is it a third-party add-on ?
Best regards,


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  • Mathijs Kok changed the title to Aerosoft Airport: Brussels International (for MFS)

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