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RXP GPS, why is it not possible?

Mathijs Kok

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There has been some discussion (on Avsim for example) about the fact we do not support the RXP GPS. Now we have explained it a few times, but let me explain again.

We love that gauge and would have loved to include it. But even after we send many emails we simply could not get any response from the developers. And we needed help to make it work in the VC (we do not do 2d panels, have not done so for 3 years now). Now we could do like some other developers do and include the 2d version. I do not judge their choice, just saying we decide different. The reason we think it is bad idea is this:


That's how a 2d panel looks in a 3d VC. We think it's rather horrible. Still a superb aircraft that P51, highly recommended, but we simply think this is not how things should look in 2013. There is nothing that prevents users from adding the RXP GPS as a 2D Popup of course, but adding it to the VC is simply not possible for us. I also have a bit more fundamental problem with supporting something that the developers don't even support. It sets a very bad example.

I am closing this topic, as it has been discussed many many time in the preview topic and there is just nothing we can add.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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