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Mathijs Kok

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Hi Spike9,

Need some help from anyone familiar with the Fuerza Aerea Argentina Twin Otters, the DHC-6 in general and preferably speaks Spanish. I'm trying to figure out what the placards in the areas marked with grey say in Spanish. I can't find a picture where these markings are actually readable, but I would like to put them on my repaint. Call me a little anal because you probably won't be able to read them on the paint, but its all about the illusion. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think I hadn't tell you thank you for the release of the Fuerza.

Thank you!

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Sorry my english is bad i need the paint kit for the DHC-6


No problem, I understand you now.

The paint kit is installed in the following folder on your computer (in the folder where you installed FSX):

\FSX\aerosoft\Twin Otter Extended\PaintKit

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Hey Tom,

I'm also working on an ERA livery in a tundra cargo version, but I haven't made much progress as work and family life has been quite hectic. One thing i will say is the stripes around the front of the radome are proving to be quite the challenge, the rest of the scheme is pretty straight forward. i will say it would be nice if the new paint kits for the tundra and float versions were available. Hopefully we will see those this week.

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