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Video's and pictures (feel free to add)

Mathijs Kok

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Thanks for the heads up blackbird, just watched it.

@froogle, very nice job, you just saved me a few hours reading the manual ;) Very nicely done. A few people could learn a lot by watching these three videos. I'll be watching out for more :)

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Has any one saved tundra wheel twin otter WIP pictures uploaded by Mathijs, I wanted to save those pictures but to my knowledge that forum is now totally invisible after the update 1.03

Guys it will be appreciated if you send me on sukhdeepsinghsaggu@gmail.com

or you can post those pictures on this forum for a day.

I guess its around 8 to 10 pictures.

Thanks & Regard,s

Sukhdeep singh

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I really enjoy the real and the aerosoft otter recorded video's

Thank you everyone

The pilot in the right seat actually contacted me to say he saw one of my other videos of Aerosoft's Twin Otter so he recorded a real video for me to see.

So I replicated it and goes to show how much detail Aerosoft put in!

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