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Mathijs Kok

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Here are two shots from me. One shows the final on EDXH Helgoland and the second one leaving towards Mariensiel.


Why I did that flight? Well, I visited Helgoland a few weeks ago. All was good over there but at one evening after walking very much we decided to stay in the hotel in the evening and watch a movie. Well, it was quite hard because the TV wasnt that much taller than my tablet but a few metres away. So, here now comes the flat screen TV ;)

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I just found this one, STOL operations.

Nice find, Eric!

And amazing! That is quite exactly what I did yesterday in the area of Whitehorse. Flying the Twin Otter I had to land on the road to provide support to whoever…

Unfortunately the roads in FSX are not flat but rather bumpy. Sometimes there are “steps” or the road becomes very steep. So yesterday I was rather bounced around


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Today I took the scheduled flight from the Island of Barra to Glasgow; flown by Flybe and operated by Logan Air.

The routing with Z-flighplan: EGPR DCT TIR/N160F090 IFR N580 FYNER EGPF
Planned cruising level: FL090
Planned flight time: 57 Minuten
Pax: 18


Our routing- very scenic landscape by the way!


At Barra's beach we are awaiting our passenger. Beach? Indeed, Barra is the only beach worldwide which is commercially operated on a regular basis. Operations are only possible at low tide- at high tide the 3 'runways' are under the water.


For a small group of tourists and some islanders the journey back to the mainland starts.. the weather is calm with wind coming from 250° at 7kts.


After we have assured everyone is wearing his seatbelts (there are no flight attendends here!) we are taxiing to the water. The pole marks the end of runway 29, his counterpart is standing at the beach- those to poles are the only markings of the runway.


After the naturally short takeoff run the Twotter is in the air quickly.. the climbout is done with 90kts, passing 1000ft we keep 100kts for the best climb rate. Watch the ailerons, they deploy in combination with the flaps and provide additional lift all over the wing.


We leave Barra behind and turn towards Tiree VOR.


Passenger's view of the southers islands of the Outer Hebrides. Sundray in the foreground, Pabbay and Mingulay in the back.


Approaching Tiree- the island already belongs to the Inner Hebrides. From here we're heading directly to the scotting capital.




We're passing the Isle of Mull


Already over the mainland, we start our descend towards Glasgow


Best weather around the scottish capital!


Overhead the airport we turn onto the outbound leg for an ILS approach on runway 23- a visual would be the was to go under these conditions, but I just needed some training with the Twotter.


The (short) checklists are done and we're turning into final.. according to the charts we should have flown 3 additional miles on the outbound section, coming back in over the mountain top, but we would like to save our pax from the turbulence..


On 8-miles visual now


Short final, threshold speed around 80kts..

Welcome to Glasgow!


After we vacated the runway we're heading for the terminal


Parking with the marshaller


Disembark, please.. on blocks after 1:04 flight time.


Great plane, great flight.. have a good journey, BA plastic jet! ;)

Hope you liked it :)

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Today I took the scheduled flight from the Island of Barra to Glasgow; flown by Flybe and operated by Logan Air.

Hope you liked it :)

That was beautiful, I like it a lot. Thanks Matthias!

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A Flight Test Departure Stall Critical Engine with a chase DHC-2 Beaver

Livery from jankees, Twin Otter Extended US Navy CIRPAS

a good test pilot is always in training


Good piloting!

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Just watched part 2, good job. Very informative, and for the record, I don't have a problem with TrackIR being left on ;)

Looking forward to part 3 froogle :)

Part 3 is already out =) !

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