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Adding cabin crew announcement section

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Actually and this is a great feature, some cabin announcement are made during checklist phases.

I think it would be a great improvement to add such a possibility to add annoucements through a menu section:


That way it would be possible to add some extra realism into the simulation. Let's see what we could have (some of theses are included in checklist process so we may forgot about them):

Music (during boarding)

Turbulence (start + stop)
Gate departure
Safety message
Safety videog

Take off

Meal service

Movie, reviews
Begin descent
On approach
On final


Also a great thing would be o be able to add personnalised annoucement messages

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as Oliver already proposed: We will not implement more announcements into the AXE program. If you like to have those announcements then try other add-ons...... And cabin crew announcements are made in real life also during the checklist procedures .......



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You can have all this by combining the AAX with the good old FlightDeckCompanion ...

I, personally, would rather prefer for Aerosoft to proceed with the flightdeck systems.

Except for the personalized/user-defined stuff: Watch out for the FS2Crew AAX version to arrive soon - it'll fit hand-in-glove with the AAX and Airbus procedures ... (I expect a number of standardized announcements there.)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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