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NEW British English Accent Captain Voice Pack [Updated for AXE v1.16]

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Yes I think Olli's right ; we'll keep it as a British-British crew; but whereas the Captain has roots in the North of England, I think the Co-Pilot will indeed be a Southerner ;)

Coming from the heart of the West Riding, I would have said that the captain had a welsh lilt to his voice - listen to the way he says "neutral".

Whatever, its a great piece of work and we are all very grateful for the effort

John R

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Just wondering, any particular reason for changing the co-pilot to a male's voice? A lady's presence always keeps us out of trouble, well, almost always.


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Hi Dave,

Just wondering if your able to increase the volume in your GSX ground voices ?

I noticed comparing to Bob Scott's American ground voices, that your one is quite difficult to hear, above the avionics hum, and atc etc. Please don't take this as a whine, but a genuine request.

Many thanks for what you do.


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Simply because I am male, so cannot act a convincing female voice! :lol: (My wife did not wish to do the recordings - bah!).

There is always the option to stay with the current female F/O..... this is just an optional pack.

Hey Julian, no sweat, those GSX voices were a little quieter. I am not sure when, but yes, I'll get the file volume increased. Cheers.

Thanks Dave. Appreciated. yeah, no hurry, I just stick my head out the window for now. :cheers_s:

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Hello Ladies & Gents,

I just wanted to give a quick explanation as to why the F/O Voice Pack has not yet materialized, and to assure that it hasn't dropped off the radar;

Unfortunately, mid-last week, I got a Dental Abcess; now I don't know if any of you have ever experienced an abcess in your mouth, but let me tell you, I would not wish it on my worst enemy! ....... it is the most painful thing I have ever experienced, and that includes a fracture to the foot and arm, and eye surgery!!

So unfortunately, although it's on the road to getting better now, I still cannot record the remaining audio files yet; if I did, I would sound something like a cross between Scooby Doo and Elmer Fudd!! :lol:

But around 40% of the audio files are already recorded and sounding great, so I aim to have the pack completed and released as soon as possible!


how is the abcess? I cant wait till the FO is ready
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Hi there,

Is the captain calling "after t/o checklist" translated ? I feel like it's the original one, even in the 1.3 release.

Umm, and for a french captain / F/O voicepack, can we help you ? You've certainly noticed my poor English...

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