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NEW British English Accent Captain Voice Pack [Updated for AXE v1.16]

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Using it now its excellent big well done due there!

I have noticed that some of the exchanges between PF & PnF are overlapping but I think it's due to the fact that your recordings have slight pauses at the start and finish and PnF doesn't have the pause so starts speaking immediately. If you know what I mean?

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Great Job Dave. I will be starting a NZ/OZ pack shortly. You chaps in NA and Europe won't know the difference between the two accents unless I say "Sheep" or "Fish and Chips".

The next projects I am looking at (should be done and available within a couple of weeks) :-

  • North American Captain's Voice Pack (He's actually Canadian ;)).
  • British English Female FO's Voice Pack (IF my wife agrees to the voice acting!)

Cheers. :)

Great stuff. Great community. Greatly impressed ...

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Hi all,

The pack has been updated to v1.2

Most gaps from audio files have been removed or trimmed, greatly improving timing of playback, and interaction with the FO.

Highy recommend that all users update to this version.

Simply Download and extract over the top of v1.0 or v1.1 .... no unistalling or removing files in necessary. :)


You're so good, Dave, you should start making money that way ... :lol:

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The new sounds are really nice. I also liked the older one with the German touch, it reminded me of my physics prof back in the 80's. To tell you the truth, I will gladly change the ground calls anytime, hehehe, that electronic voice just does not cut it for me. By the way, if you go business, I wish you all the best because with such clarity and professionalism I would get your product. Again, thank you.


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Thanks Olli, I wish!

but no, this is definitely in the freeware domain :)

I've been looking further in the Sound_ASC folder today and was surprised to see that the "Ground staff" is also nice easy sound files to work with (with it being computerized I thought maybe it was 'generated' live).........so to confirm, the next 'pack' I will release will be a new Ground Rep.

I haven't yet decided on nationality or accent for this guy yet ..... ;)

Pair the accents of the pilots with those of the ground crews, maybe?

We could swap between complete packs easily (it's just copy&paste after all ...), so we can use different localizations in different parts of the world.

(I did the same with my IFE music files - packed them into region folders to exchange one for another easily.)

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Thanks for your reply.

I've added both the British Capts.voice pack v1.3 and the Irish ground crew pack v 1.1.

I activated AES - had the original ground crew voices. I activated a non AES airport and used GEX - had the original ground crew voices. Between AES and GEX, every airport in FSX is covered, so I can't figure out how how to activate the Irish ground crew voices for either. I know I'm missing something, but I can't figure out what it might be.

No problems with the Capts. voice pack.


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Tried really hard but couldn't find any more than this one: :P

During T/O, immediately after advancing the throttles, there's some minuscule overlapping with the 'FMA CHKD' call.

(Just mentioning ... not worth any separate effort.)

Yes I noticed this overlapping too when the Captain says "Take off" the FO simultaneously speaks and she says "FMA Checked"? Otherwise it's perfect and an excellent voice pack. AAX just keeps getting better and better!

Thanks. Yes, I downloaded and installed the Irish ground man's voice pack which is cool too. So thanks to both Dave and Seamus for contributing their great voices!

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