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Congratulations and a wish

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I've been waiting for this bird for years and even if it's not the perfect one, there is not anyway, I have to say it's realy my faforite for now after hours of flying. For me the cockpit view is the best for VFR. And I wanted first to thank you for this great job you did. In my opinion to increase the immersion, it would be great to get some dirts on the plexiglass during the flight like the Dimona, a very great one also... or some drops runing thru when it's raining... or some crisp reflexions changing whith the sun like the Legacy, well something looking a bit more real when looking around. What do you think?

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Would be definitely cool, but these are all things, which are hard to develop and/or fps consuming.

So there will be no such feature in the Robin. I am sorry.

I hope, you like it anyway :-)

Bests, Joachim

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Thanks Joachim for your anwer.

I know it's little thinks and little things togever make the all thing more real, but this means a lot of work again. I understand and yes, for sure I love it anyway. May be for the next one? ;-)

Have safe skyes!

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