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Change skin of calculator.

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I just took a quick look at the manual and couldn't find how to let the calculator know wich skin to use (I see only how to add new skins on page 25) so I will explain here quickly:

go to the flight calculator installatioin directory where you will find settings.ini

open it with a text-editor.

search for this:



you can change the word 'blue' with any skin-name you want

if you want the blue skin, type 'blue' (coming from FC_Blue_Large.jpg)

if you want for example your own custom KFC skin, type 'KFC' (coming from FC_KFC_Large.jpg)

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Hello Koen,

Page 32 of the manual.

When the Tray Icon option is activated a small icon is

shown. If you right click on it you will get quick access

to the settings that can also be found in the MEN

option. But you can also select the skin using this

interface. The HIDE option allows you to toggle the

display of the calculator.

The settings are stored in an ini file located at

..AerosoftFlightCalculatorSystem. The file is

commented and can be edited directly by the user. The values stored in the

memory locations are also saved here between sessions.

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