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Best Mod Websites For CBS 2010 NY

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Hi, I just thought I would start a discussion on the best mod websites for CBS 2010 NY. I am looking for some mods but they are quite hard to find, and you have to search for a while. So I will start. Here is a good website I found: www.Cbs-chile.es.tl They offer many busses and a couple taxis. They are not american (except the chevy taxi and the gm "fishbowl" bus) but come in an application format so they are easy to install. (the installer is in a different language, but you can kind of learn by trial and error) The mods work great and look awesome. (note: to download the files you need an account on 4shared.com, which is free to get. Also, you need to be able to un-rar the files. I reccomend using the free rar extract frog. Google it and download it. It's free and easy to use.) So, anyone else found any good websites? Please post them below!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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