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Problem effecting switches via FSUIPC in Diamond Katana

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I am experiencing a problem with the Diamond Katana switches.

I have configured FSUIPC to set the value of the offsets for the fuel pump switch (0x3104), master avionics switch (0x3103), master generator/alternator switch (0x3101), and master battery switch (0x3102) when I press the corresponding switch on my CHP throttle quadrant. If you write a 1 to these offsets it turns the system on, writing a 0 causes them to to turn off.

This has worked for all MSFS supplied aircraft and other third party aircraft I have purchased, and allows me to run through the check lists and switch systems on and off as needed. Unfortunately, this has not worked with the Diamond Katana.

When try the same scheme with the DA-20 only the fuel pump works correctly. I can switch on the rest, but I cannot switch them off. It appears that something in the way the DA-20 is coded is overriding my attempts to switch these systems off. The panels will flash as if they are turning off then immediately switch back on. I can turn these systems off with the mouse when pressing the switch.

I would like to use the DA-20 with my GA cockpit but I'm not sure how to over come this problem. Any ideas would be appreciated.

-Freeman (Analias)

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