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A320 PIC - waste of money

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I bought this because I like to Fly Airbus, but its a complete waste of money. It doesnt work proberly at the AP work different every time and the manual is no good.

The indtroductory flight Airbus-Holiday distinations is not even to this simulator, but the nearest to any help.

Its not possible to have AP1 and AP2 on at the same time, and what is the use of 2 AP, if only the AP1 is working.

I havent landed in a airport using AP, and it to bad. Can anyone help or do anyone have the same problems


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Hello talismann,

There must be plenty of reviews out for the PIC A320 by now, sometimes it pays to search a few out. As for your problems have you checked over at www.avsim.com at the dedicated PIC A320 forum and seen if your problems have been addressed before.

I do believe that you have AP 1 and 2 on together when in approach mode!! not any other time.

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