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Ah! At last a realistic DR-400 for FSX!!!!


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On this return to FSX Gold, comming from a long digression through XP10, which I have to confess was a BIG disappointment in terms of some basic features I call for as mandatory in the simulation of a prop aircraft, I am happy to find this excellent DR-400 model with great / realistic slipstream effects. At last a DR that consistently asks for rudder input during high power climbs (as during takeoffs, initial climb for instance)!!!!

As a glider pilot, and with RL experience on flights (as a passenger) on a DR-400 tug, it's great to see replicated in this model what I know from reality!

Great product!

Looking forward for the AS-K21 ;-)

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Thanks :-)

Would be soooo cool to have the option to tow a glider like the K21 via multiplayer :)

Yep! It certainly would ;-) We already have it in FlightGear 2.10 ... Would be a charm to have in FSX Gold !!!

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