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Cape Canaveral

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I was just trying to re-load this scenery on my new computer and getting to the registration screen. I cant remember how this info was sent to me. Was the reg# sent to me by email or was it provided on a webpage for one time viewing? Is there a way i could find out when i purchased this last year? I could check my emails from around that time to see if it is contained in one of them

.Any suggestions?

Thanks, Gary B. :?:

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Hello Gary,

To get all information on your order, including your Registration Code, any available updates and the Download Link if active, use the following procedure:

1. Log on to the shop.

2. Select Your Account (top right hand side of the screen) using the email address you selected and your password

3. Now select Your Order Details & Downloads

4. You will now see all orders you done on the shop (sorted per date)

5. IMPORTANT: Select the order you want to get details on by clicking on the Order Date in the list to the left.

6.You will be presented with a screen with a download link if active, any updates and your Registration Key.

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