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Time to wake up the residents at Andras again

Ian Pearse

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I've been thinking about somehting to have a bit of fun in and around Andras again, just to keep the ground staff there from dying of boredom. A couple of things came to mind - a trip around the sights of the area - castles, big houses and so on, or a slalom course through the Alps. Maybe someone could come up with a course and we see who can do it the quickest...

What do you think? Any more ideas? It's S;ring in Europe now so the scenery should look very nice!

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Not exactly true Matt, and by the way :hi2_s:

RTWC 2 was never properly introduced was it? But hey... who needs a Round The World Challenge? There are all sorts of other challenges. And they are very much still alive at Andras Meridian Virtual Airline. We have done European challenges, Caribbean tours, and right now we have a great challenge/tour/race in the Papau New Genua area, to be executed later in the year, SO if you are in for challenges - please come to www.andrasmeridian.com and join in as a pilot. Great fun and many challenges to be had.

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