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Robin Repaints


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can anybody repaint some new DR400 shemes?

i love the new versions from robin new aircraft so if anybody can do these paints with the interior of the HB-KBR i will much appreciate it :)

these pics are my suggestion ;)

Many greetings from Dortmund Germany






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Have been working on a " retro " paint for G-BAPX dating back to the late 70's and have come across a small " problem " namely the covers for the rudder cables as they have been mapped to the tailboom of the aircraft , even though there was plenty of room on the texture sheet to have placed them somewhere else . As this is in the model there wont be much chance in changing it either .

Another gripe is the rudder , as this has been rotated ( 99 DEG ) and is drawn to a different scale to the rest of the tailfin , so far I spend more time aligning any striping on the rudder than the paintscheme itself ! As for the paintkit , just a shame that the dirt , shadows , rivets and panel lines were merged together and not left as serperate layers ( have modified them already but you always lose some quality ) .

post-29473-0-56113200-1373122271_thumb.j this is also mirrored starboard post-29473-0-81726400-1373122314_thumb.j

Another screenshot showing the " air vents " on the roof which are also taken from the same texture sheet ( so there was space ) .


And here a fuselage shot with the mirrored cover ( click for a larger version ) .


Also noticed that G-BKDJ has already been made ( must remember to check Download section before painting ) . Will shortly follow with G-BCXE .


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Regarding the baked in dirt layers: Just paint on top and multiply the colors in. This lets the dirt show "throug the paint".

Regarding the mapping: -Well, it is in general a very old model. This does not mean it looks really bad, it just means it is not made clean here and there. You have to live with these things. Just lift the blue color a bit and it will work. You know the game.

In general: The plane is primary intended to fly with it, not to paint it. Paintkits are a special extra service, developers provide to give the users a chance to customize the product. So if there is a glitch or even a big mistake somewhere, you more or less have to live with it. I learned that there is an extra market for repaintable planes though and I really like the quality most of the repainters provide, so in the newer projects I keep an eye on such things but there is no way to solve any issues in existing products to make them better paintable.

I hope you understand that.

Best regards, Joachim

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Wasn't meant as a complaint as such , just a comment . I did purchase the Robin to fly , making repaints is just extra " icing on the cake " .

I don't specialise in any one particular aircraft and other developers make the same " mistakes " concerning the way textures are mapped , Carenado being a major contributor . With them , no " layered paintkit " a lot of one sided textures ( meaning that text , logos' and such cannot be used due to mirrorimg ) . Half the fun or painting is trying to recreate a real world aircraft for use in the sim and the more it looks like the real aircraft , the better . Using " painters license " to fudge things is something I try to avoid . The repaint in question G-BAPX just shows that striping is a no-go in that area , full colours are not a problem .

As far as making repaints is concerned , I would have thought that developers would encourage that , as it would ensure more purchases ( look at the sheer amout of repaints here at Aerosoft for the AirbusX or any aircraft made by PMDG ) . Not everyone wants to fly with Lufthansa ( for example ) and that applies to the Robin too . Having looked at ( quite a few ) photo's on the net most Robin's have about 10 distinct paintschemes , the variations being the colour combinations and that is why I went for a retro paintscheme .

Next up ( will be ) G-BCXE and another with the same paintscheme , just different colours .

post-29473-0-24600200-1373136930_thumb.j post-29473-0-08528700-1373136947_thumb.j


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This one looks very nice :-)

...a lot of one sided textures ( meaning that text , logos' and such cannot be used due to mirrorimg )...

can have different reasons. To name a serious one, it saves a lot of texture space done on big parts. A less serious one could be simple laziness.

...as it would ensure more purchases...

Not really. Maybe 1 or 2% more sales. Thats not what developers (or publishers) look at. For me, its simply some kind of service and I like it when there will be some nice repaints. The more, the better!

Bests, Joachim

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