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Freight Dogs problem

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I just tried to fly a Cargo flight from Sechelt-Gibsons to Tipella B.C. and after about 6 minutes into the flight I got the black screen, had sound but a black screen. What would cause this to happen?

Also, I had tried a flight from Sechelt-Gibsons to King George Airpark and When I tried to set up a flight plan with FSNavagator the King George Airpark is not listed in the British Columbia list of airports of my FS2004.

Another thing, when I accept an assignment I have to print screen and copy the assignment menu because when I hit the F1 button it only stays on for a couple of seconds and I can't read and remember the assignment in that short a time (I am an old codger). I try to hit the F1 again and nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong or what? Thanks.

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Hi rvc,

can't see how your first two 'problems' are related to Freight Dogs really.. you mention airfields that are not 'ours' :wink:

As you will have seen by now (?) there have been quite a few people experiencing problems with Freight Dogs.... almost all of them were to do with either not running FS9.1 (i.e. no MS patch applied) or some other add-on conflicting with FD for some reason or other.

Your third problem is easily fixed. As can be read on page 12 of the MANUAL <ahem> you can either use Control+Shift+C to toggle the transparent window, OR click on the VistaMare menu item along the top of your screen and SELECT the appropriate action from there.

Kind regards,


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Thanks for the quick reply. I asked the question about the black screen as I have not been experiencing that prior to these flights, must be a conflict with something else I have and Freight Dogs.

I figured when I got a assignment to a location that the location would be included in FS2004 or Freight Dogs, apparently that is not the case.

No, I am not using FS9.1 should I be?

I thought using the page 12 manual instructions only applied after you started the flight, which obviously I read something into it that was not there. Thank you very much to the help, appreciate it.

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