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Fuel is showing zero on panel


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I installed yesterday and everything works great. Today, the fuel gauge is displaying zero even though fsx says full fuel and the engine will not start. The battery is on, fuel pump on, mixture rich. I primed according to checklist but engine will not start from cold and dark. Use engine running from back of checklist an engine is on but fuel is still showing no fuel. Am I missing something. Please help. I had no problem starting it yesterday.


Mike Cameron

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Hi Mike,

as I understand from the manual, the Robin has a special characteristic regarding this: It will show zero fuel if fuel tank is full (100%), after you've burned some fuel the gauge will start working and will read correct values. This is according to the real life plane.

Try to start the engine and fly, you should notice the gauge will start reading values after a short while. Also, you can try to set up your flight to start with a bit less fuel (e.g. 95 %) and the gauge is reading correct values right away.

Hope this helps :)

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Do You use a non stadard default startup situation f.ex where all aircraft are loaded in cold & Dark state ?

Also comming from highend addons might screw up things. This does not only relate to the Robin !.


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Thanks for the replies. I was using my default flight which is the default 172 in cold and dark. I must of missed the fuel gauge info in the Aerosoft manual, I figured it out by changing the fuel quantity to 50%. I was finally able to get the engine started by keeping the starter engaged and priming again.

Thanks again for the help,


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