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DR400 Frame Rates?

Capt Pugwash

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Neither do I. The needles vibrate, the textures are very crisp and the overall appearance of the a/c is just wonderful, but the fps are comparable to the default Cessna in FSX! So you have all the headroom for demanding scenery like ORBX!

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The impact of the plane is negliable, indeed! I use the Robin for low and "slow" flights in dense autogen ORBX sceneries. Memory usage is also a factor, here. The Robin is a very performance friendly add-on in all aspects.

One thing I noticed and I want to share/compare this with others:

The GPS is known to have some impact on the FSX performance. You can dial some preferences within the GPS menue to save CPU-ressources. Performance impact of the GPS is often misunderstood as a simple FPS decrease. This is not the case for me. In map mode of the color GPS I get the same micro stutters and FPS jumps (about one per second) that I got once with the Dimona X (made by the same designer). We got a hotfix for the Dimona X and the microstutters dissapeared. We discussed that in this thread:


Now, the monocrome GPS (installed in the HB-registered Robin of the package) does NOT create these microstutters. It appears to be the same model that has already been included in the Dimona X add-on. Microstutters only appear in map mode of the color-GPS. There is a work-around: Use the HSI-mode, not the map-mode, if possible. This works fine for me, no stutters or FPS jumps, here.

Maybe, the designers can fine-tune the GPS color map mode.

Otherwise, and I want to state this "loud and clear":

The Robin is a superb add-on, it is really something special, not the casual flight experience we are used to. You have to deal with rudder and stick all the time. There are many details that show the love to detail for this plane. It must be such a joy to create a plane you know very well from reality for the FSX environment.

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