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Still "flaps 1" call at 250 kts

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it is the Lufthansa 321. With 170 Pax and 3444kg Cargo the ZFW is 64.580, entered into MCDU as 64.6

Adding 8.665kg Fuel for a 480nm trip entered as 8.7.

When approach is activated, the "0" speed is 228kts and the remaining fuel is 4600kg. At 228kts setting flaps 1 results in an overspeed warning. (not long but anoying)

The fuelplanner calculates the Landing weight with 66.220. My landing weight is around 68.900. Maybe there is the problem.

BTW I left all the values in the fuelplanner below "planned FL" default except 20kts headwind

Thanks for following this issue, Holger

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I close this topic because we believe that it has been solved with the release of HOTFIX 011. If there are still things to report then please open a new topic after installetion.


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