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Mega Airport Zürich (small Updates)


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Hey guys,

is there any chance to get following update for Zürich X Scenery:

- Taxyway K nort of RWY 28 is closed (corrected: K was allready open during your release of the scenery, small fix is to remove the concret walls there).

- Gate E67 only 2 jetways (corrected: Adding third jetway to be A380 fitable).

- West of REGA Center only concrete (corrected: there sould be a H for helicoper)


Kind regards, rafimai

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Could I add some fixes?

-South of RWY28 at the crossing 16/28 there are kind of some walls (should be a fence like here: http://3.bp.blogspot...14 13_40_30.jpg


-Could you also maybe fix the night lighting (change from white to orange and according to it the color of the buildings? http://www.macblue.n...y_night_big.jpg )

-improve the builing lighting of Dock B (should more look like the midfield Dock E)

-add some trees at the parking space in the east of rwy28 (http://www.kienzi.ch...en-Zuerich$.JPG on the right side of this picture)

Thank you in advance for considering those improvements for your next update.

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