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VFR charts for England


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Hi guys,

I'm looking for VFR charts for England.

Here in Germany we have the VFReBulletin which is completly for free and always provides the latest charts (http://vfr-bulletin.de/web20/index.htm).

Is there something similar available for England?

PS.: a different link than this one ( http://skyvector.com/) would be apprechiated as the charts here aren't as nice as those on the VFReBulletin. For IFR it's great, but not for VFR.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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Sorry Emi theres nothing like that free in the UK, the CAA like to take their share of our money. You might get lucky and find someone who's scanned in old CAA charts. Alternatively http://skyvector.com now covers the UK all be it in FAA style charts. They are usable though, but unfortunately dont show such things as the VFR routes between the likes of Stanstead and Luton's airspace; danger areas, radio masts etc.

Personally I'd say you be better sticking with an up to date copy of Plang. As that does show such useful things as radio masts and other land marks often used in VFR navigation.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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