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Mega Airport Düsseldorf -Feedback


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Hi and first of all thank you for this great airport.

As a frequent real world Düssedorf flyer -as pilot and as passenger- I have to say that on the first impression the scenery is quite nice, but I also have to say that there are a few things really missing which I hope to bring you near for a service pack:

First of all the most obvious thing: The real airport is completly surrounded by trees and those are really missing in the scenery. In real world you fly over the trees on final and all you see while taxying, despite the buildings of the airport which look really great in the Mega Airport, are trees. These are really missing in the scenery and I'd love if those could be moddeled for a service pack, just as they are in Helsinki for example. A little framerate drop would be totally ok in my opinion. Maybe as an option in the traffic manager or in an extra tool.

Now the second thing I'm not liking are the shadows on the ground image. They might look a little good at daytime when the sun is at the right place, but at any other time of the day they're really disturbing. Can't they be removed from the scenery? The same goes for the vehicles on the ground image. There are many vehicles in 2D on the ground which shouldn't be there. On all other Mega Airports those aren't there, so why on this one?

I really hope these things can be corrected. Thank you for your answer in advance.

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I agree with you on the trees. My first trip to Germany (back in the 90's) landing in EDDL,I remember the coniferous trees (port side of aircraft) and thinking, Now I'm really in Germany!. I still have great fondness for Mulheim AD Ruhr.

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Couldn't check the last issue, as I have both, UTXE and VFR Germany, so this problem never occured on my side.

And I'm not sure whether this is an issue at all. The coverage of EDDL has to end somewhere and as it uses photoreal ground textures it only fits perfect to VFR Germany. But when you use another landclass product like UTX and if UTX places houses were trees should be or vice versa, you'll always have problems with the transition.

There is an interesting thread going on the Orbx froum about the new FTX England. Many people living in the UK complain about misplaced houses, roads etc. OK, they know very well what should be where. But they have to realize that FTX isn't a photoscenery (as many believed) but a landclass product, that, although it is extremly good looking, has to deal with limitations in FSX as all other products too.

So the question is, can we expect from a developer that he makes a scenery whose boundaries fit nearly perfect with default FSx, landclass product xyz and photoreal scenery? I guess no, because when using a photoreal groundtexture this photo ends somewhere. Period.

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Hi Emi,

Thanks for your quick answer but I have been thru the different posts related to EDDL but couldn't find quite the same issue.

For those who could have this problem, here is my "solution"

After removing all Germany related scenes and also UT Europe, the building was still in the middle of the apron (only visible from a certain distance or/ and in combination with VC view reduction). Have removed the EDDL land class layer and the issue was fixed. Then, I went through each file in the scenery folder and could identify the origin of my problems : LC_049_013.bgl. That's all.

Sorry, I didn't mention the FS version : 9.1.

Maybe will be corrected in a future release, who knows.



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