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The Perfect soaring flight environment...


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I was able to test and definitely adhere to what I might call a perfect conbination:

FSX ( Gold ) + AS2012 + CumulusX!

CumulusX! is probably not a very well known product, it's getting old, but still provides very interesting algorithms for populating the area around your aircraft, particlularly if a glider, with various types of lift and sink or turbulence that we find in real life.

While CumulusX! does it's work very well, it lacks a proper weather environment to feed it's algorithms, and that's one of the main problems with default FSX weather. AS2012 provides us with what I still consider to be the most complete and detailled weather injection / simulation program available for microsoft flight simulator.

AS2012 already includes the possibility to simulate thermals and ridge lift, using the default models provided by FSX and the Acceleration pack together with it's own algorithms to place thermal objects and ridge lift, but while doing an acceptable job in this area, it is not it's speciality. On the other hand, on providing the most realistic cloud type / coverage / visibility / temperature and pressure as well as accurate winds at various levels, AS2012 feeds CumulusX! with just what it needs to do it's job.

I turn off the thermal and ridge effects in AS2012 when I use it coupled to CumukusX!. I also deactivate FSUIPC when using either or both AS2012 and CumulusX! because I do not use fancy hardware, and I found that FSUIPC appears to interphere with wind / turbulence and shear / up and down draughts generated by these two programs.

One of the main advantages is, specially from a RL glider pilot, the chance to "fly" your glider and try at home your tasks using the closest to real weaather environment that can be provided in FSX.

I also suggest the use of good glider models to go with this successful combination, such as Aerosoft's DiscusX.

Also, while I do not own such add-ons, enhanced mesh and landclass scenery helps CumulusX! in providing even more fine / detailed effects.

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