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Spoiler (and spoiler animation)

Mathijs Kok

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The default behavior of FSX is a binary one where spoilers (speedbrakes) can only be fully extended or fully retracted. This means that when the spoilers are extended in flight and you press the [/] key to retract them, they will first fully extend and then retract. This is unavoidable FSX behavior that is very hard to avoid.

The best way to use the spoilers is to link them to an unused channel on your control unit (I used the little slider on the X52 Throttle) or to use lever in the VC. If you use the [/] key command you will have to live with this minor inconvenience.



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Q: When do the spoilers deploy automatically?

A: Three possible conditions:

1) Rejected Take Off, when RTO, the spoilers will automatically deploy when, Ground speed is 72 knots and above, spoilers is arm and throttle is at idle.

2) On Landing, when Landing, the spoilers will automatically deploy on landing when spoilers is armed, and thrust levers is idle.

3) Reverse Thrust, when using reverse thrust, the spoilers will automatically deploy regardless of spoiler lever position.

Q: When do the spoilers retract after deploying automatically?

A: Two possible conditions:

1) If GND SPLR is not armed, after using reverse thrust, spoilers will automatically retract.

2) If GND SPLR is armed, it will retract after GND SPLR is unarmed. (NOTE: You have to remember to unarm the spoilers, it works differently from a boeing where the lever is moved when autodeploy is used)


1. When thrust levers are above idle for touch and go, the spoilers will automatically retract.

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